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Why we call ourself La Mart

La Mart is a homonym of the Chinese word 辣妈(LA MA). The meaning in English is Yummy Mummy. It is a slang term used in the United Kingdom to describe a young, attractive, wealthy mother. The founder herself is literally a Yummy Mummy.

The reason why she created La Mart are:

Firstly, when she was young, she came to the UK to study. Meanwhile, she had a part-time job at Safeway as a cashier. At that time, she was bringing her daughter to the UK, but she was busy working whilst also taking care of her young daughter. Therefore, her daughter would regularly pick her up after a long day at work. One day, when the shop was about to close. It was not too busy. One customer was checking out, and her daughter came to the check out and asked, "May I scan?" The customer said, "Yes!". After checking out, her daughter was so happy and said excitedly and proudly that she wanted to become the most professional cashier in the future. Thus, our founder created this Asian Supermarket to enable her daughter to achieve her childhood dreams.

Secondly, she found that Asian food has recently become extremely trendy. But one issue that could not be solved is that most of the native people in the UK are not familiar with Asian food. However, they still want to try new types and varieties of foods and recipes. Therefore, with over 20 years of living experience in the UK, our founder would like to introduce authentic Asian Foods to everyone, with an easier understanding method.

...... After 3 years of planning, our founder finally gathered a team of like-minded people to help create what is known today as La Mart:

We are a dedicated team who strives to bring you the taste of Asia.