"Soup Dumplings": Get it in your local grocery shop!

"Soup Dumplings": Get it in your local grocery shop!

Today, La mart Supermarket would like to introduce a traditional Chinese cuisine, Xiao Long Bao, known as "soup dumplings".

Let's begin with a small joke: "Eating Xiao Long Bao burned my back".
The story is about a man eating a "soup dumpling", taking a bite out of the dough with his chopsticks and starting to drink the soup, which accidentally dripped down his chopsticks and onto his wrist.
The man didn't want to waste the soup, so he went to lick the soup from his wrist, but he had to lift the bun to get his mouth closer to his wrist, so more of the soup ran down his arm and onto his elbow.
The man then went to lick the soup from his elbow, and in doing so, the dumpling, which was being held by the chopsticks, was lifted to his back, and the soup dripped onto his back.

On Tiktok, thousands of people talk about the soup dumpling; they make videos of eating it, tasting it, and even making it. In the video, the Soup dumpling looks so delicious that the soup inside the wrap comes out in your mouth with the fragrance of meat, then suddenly spreads to your nose and brain.

The Soup dumpling itself, like its name, is rich in broth, which is delicious but hot.

Therefore, let's learn how to eat it to maximise the taste(in an authentic way):
1. Be careful not to break the skin and let the soup leak out:
Usually, when eating "Soup Dumpling" you will first use chopsticks to hold the upper part of the "Soup Dumpling" to lift it, this time is effortless to clip the "Soup Dumpling"; you must be careful ...... sometimes you might touch the "Soup Dumpling" that sticks to the steamer or its neighbours, it is a test of skill.
2. The point is, it's not about drinking; it's about sucking:
Gently hold the folded part with chopsticks, lift the "Soup Dumpling" to your mouth, take a small bite at the bottom edge, gently suck the soup, then dip it in the vinegar, which will go in through the small mouth and embrace the meat filling.
You don't have to tilt your head to drink it, but do it slowly, or you'll get burned.
3. For cooled “Soup Dumpling”:
Take an entire "soup dumpling" in your mouth, chew, swallow and feel it. Then Finish.

There are multiple ways to eat "Soup Dumplings"; however, it's just a snack, and you should have fun;
Find your way to taste it; The best way is "my way"!

What is the difference between Xiao Long Bao(soup dumpling), Dumplings, Gyoza, and Siu Mai...?
If you would like an official answer: Xiao Long Bao is watery, Dumplings are boiled and served with soup, Gyoza is fried, and Siu Mai is open-ended.
But to be honest with you, my answer will be:
Taste it, feel it, and you will know the difference.

So, where can I get "Soup Dumplings"?
La Mart Asian Supermarket has soup dumplings in stock; you can simply order online, click and collect or shop it in person at our shop(la mart, unit b, the west wing, Cardiff CF24 0JU)

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