正丰西米300g ZF Tapioca Pearls
正丰西米300g ZF Tapioca Pearls

正丰西米300g ZF Tapioca Pearls

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Zheng Feng Tapioca Pearls (300g)

Discover the Versatility of Zheng Feng Tapioca Pearls

Zheng Feng Tapioca Pearls are a delightful and versatile ingredient that can be used to create a wide range of delicious and visually appealing dishes. Made from high-quality tapioca starch, these pearls have a distinct texture and absorb flavors beautifully. Whether you're crafting traditional bubble tea or experimenting with innovative recipes, Zheng Feng Tapioca Pearls are a must-have in your kitchen.

Key Features:

  1. Authentic Texture: Zheng Feng Tapioca Pearls are known for their characteristic chewy texture, providing a satisfying mouthfeel in every bite. This texture makes them a perfect addition to various desserts and beverages.

  2. Bubble Tea Essential: Create your own bubble tea concoctions by pairing these tapioca pearls with different tea flavors, milk, and sweeteners. Watch them transform your drinks into delightful treats with their unique texture.

  3. Dessert Creations: Use Zheng Feng Tapioca Pearls to add a playful twist to your desserts. They can be incorporated into puddings, ice creams, and other sweet treats to enhance both taste and presentation.

  4. Easy Preparation: Cooking these tapioca pearls is a breeze. Boil them until they reach the desired consistency, then soak them in cold water before adding them to your creations.

Usage Tips:

  • Bubble Tea: Prepare a refreshing cup of bubble tea by adding cooked tapioca pearls to your favorite tea or fruit blend, along with milk and sweetener.
  • Desserts: Enhance the texture of desserts like puddings, parfaits, and ice creams by mixing in cooked Zheng Feng Tapioca Pearls.
  • Savory Dishes: Experiment by adding tapioca pearls to soups, stews, or stir-fries for a unique twist on traditional dishes.

Storage Recommendations:

Store Zheng Feng Tapioca Pearls in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Ensure the packaging is tightly sealed to maintain their quality and prevent moisture from affecting their texture.

Unleash Your Culinary Creativity:

Zheng Feng Tapioca Pearls offer a world of culinary possibilities, from creating classic bubble tea to crafting innovative desserts and savory dishes. Experiment with different flavors and textures to elevate your culinary creations and impress your friends and family with unique and delicious treats.





  1. 地道口感: 正丰西米珍珠以其独特的嚼劲而闻名,每一口都能带来令人满意的口感。这种口感使它们成为各种甜点和饮品的理想选择。

  2. 珍珠奶茶必备: 将这些珍珠与不同的茶味、牛奶和甜味剂搭配在一起,制作出自己的珍珠奶茶。观察它们如何通过其独特的口感将您的饮品变成令人愉悦的美食。

  3. 甜点创意: 使用正丰西米珍珠为您的甜点增添趣味。它们可以融入布丁、冰淇淋等甜点中,提升风味和外观。

  4. 简便烹饪: 烹饪这些西米珍珠非常简单。将它们煮沸至达到所需的口感,然后将其浸泡在冷水中,然后加入到您的创意中。


  • 珍珠奶茶: 将煮熟的西米珍珠添加到您喜爱的茶或水果混合物中,再加入牛奶和甜味剂,制作出一杯清新的珍珠奶茶。
  • 甜点: 通过混合煮熟的正丰西米珍珠,增强布丁、果仁冰淇淋等甜点的口感。
  • 咸菜肴: 尝试在汤、炖菜或炒菜中加入西米珍珠,为传统菜肴带来独特的变化。





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