功夫流沙凤凰包360g Kungfu Lava Bun
功夫流沙凤凰包360g Kungfu Lava Bun

功夫流沙凤凰包360g Kungfu Lava Bun

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Kungfu Lava Bun 360g

Introduction: Welcome to La Mart Asian Supermarket, where you can indulge in our pride and joy, the Kungfu Lava Bun. This delightful treat features a luscious lava filling encased in a light and crispy pastry, resembling the graceful wings of a phoenix. Get ready to experience the sweet and fluffy flavors of Asia in every bite.

Key Features:

  • Luscious Lava Filling: Our Kungfu Lava Buns are made with premium ingredients, and the rich lava filling offers a delectable sweetness and smooth texture in every mouthful.
  • Light and Crispy Pastry: Each bun is meticulously crafted, with a light and crispy pastry that enhances the overall enjoyment of the treat.
  • Traditional Craftsmanship: We adhere to traditional craftsmanship, ensuring each Kungfu Lava Bun meets the highest quality standards and consistent taste.
  • Unique Presentation: The combination of sweet lava filling and the iconic phoenix-like shape makes these buns a standout addition to your dining table.

Flavor Profile: Kungfu Lava Bun combines multiple flavors. The pastry is crispy, while the lava filling is soft and sweet. Every bite is a delight to the taste buds, leaving you craving for more.

How to Enjoy:

  1. Steaming: Place the buns in a steamer and steam over medium heat for 10 minutes or until thoroughly cooked.
  2. Microwave: Heat the buns in a microwave at 600 watts for 40 seconds or at 800 watts for 30 seconds.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Kungfu Lava Buns make a perfect afternoon tea or dessert during dinner, elevating your dining experience.
  • Pair them with a cup of light tea to enhance the enjoyment of the flavors.
  • Alternatively, complement them with other Asian delicacies for a sumptuous Asian culinary experience.

Packaging Information: Kungfu Lava Buns come in a convenient 360g package, allowing you to savor the deliciousness at your convenience.

Storage Instructions: Keep the buns frozen at or below -18°C (0°F) to maintain their sweet and fluffy texture. Do not refreeze after thawing. Please check the package for the expiration date.

Experience the sweet and fluffy flavors of Asia with La Mart Asian Supermarket's Kungfu Lava Bun. Let your taste buds immerse in the fusion of tradition and modernity. Enjoy the unique charm of these exquisite buns with every delightful bite!

功夫流沙凤凰包 360克

介绍: 欢迎来到辣妈超市,品尝我们引以为豪的功夫流沙凤凰包。这是一道令人陶醉的美味,内陷鲜美流沙,外皮轻盈酥脆,犹如凤凰展翅欲飞。让您尽情领略亚洲风味的甜蜜与绵软。


  • 鲜美流沙内陷: 我们的流沙凤凰包采用顶级原材料制作,内陷醇厚的流沙馅,让您在每一口都能感受甜蜜与细腻。
  • 轻盈酥脆外皮: 每个凤凰包都经过精心制作,外皮酥脆轻盈,让食用时更加愉悦。
  • 传统工艺: 我们秉承传统工艺,每个凤凰包都经过严格制作,保证品质的卓越与口感的一致性。
  • 独特风味: 功夫流沙凤凰包结合了甜蜜的流沙和独特的凤凰造型,成为您餐桌上的独特亮点。

口味介绍: 功夫流沙凤凰包融合了多重风味。外皮酥脆,内陷流沙馅绵软且甜蜜。每一口都是一次味蕾的盛宴,让您回味无穷。


  1. 蒸煮: 将凤凰包放入蒸笼,用中火蒸煮10分钟,直至熟透即可。
  2. 微波炉: 将凤凰包放入微波炉,用600瓦的微波炉加热40秒,或用800瓦的微波炉加热30秒。


  • 功夫流沙凤凰包是下午茶或晚餐时的绝佳甜点,让您的用餐体验更加丰富。
  • 您可以搭配一杯清淡的茶水,提升品尝的愉悦感。
  • 也可以搭配其他亚洲美食,享受一餐丰盛的亚洲美味盛宴。

包装信息: 功夫流沙凤凰包以便捷的360克包装,方便您随时品尝美味。

储存方法: 请将凤凰包冷冻在零下-18°C(0°F)以下,以保持其甜蜜与绵软的口感。解冻后请勿再次冷冻。请查看包装上的有效期。


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Customer Review

Fantastic shop and love the fact they have put everything in English aswell. Much easier find the ingredients u need when trying new recipes the staff are also very friendly and helpful

Cardiff, UK

This Asian supermarket has an excellent selection of frozen, refrigerated and prepared dishes for Asian cuisines! The environment is super clean and comfortable to shop around!

Vicky Yu
London, UK

Great Asian Supermarket in the heart of Cardiff. Very convenient. It has a large selection of Asian foods ranging from seasoning to snacks, drinks, and many more! Highly recommend!

Luxi Yao
London, UK

A great new Asian Supermarket in Cardiff; I purchased some great foods there - Fresh, Frozen, Dried, herbs and spices. The customer service is great, and they are more than happy to go out of their way; I am an Ex Chef and Keen home cook, and I recommend this shop if you're looking for authentic ingredients like me

Richard Poppleton (Rpop)
London, UK
Genni Norridge
Cardiff, UK

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