Muhak Goodday Soju Blueberry 360ml alc 13.5%
Muhak Goodday Soju Blueberry 360ml alc 13.5%

Muhak Goodday Soju Blueberry 360ml alc 13.5%

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Muhak Goodday Soju Blueberry 360ml (Alc 13.5%)

Description: Introducing the refreshing Muhak Goodday Soju Blueberry, now available in a convenient 360ml bottle with an alcohol content of 13.5%. This delightful flavored soju infuses the essence of juicy blueberries into the classic Korean spirit, offering a delightful and vibrant drinking experience.

  • Luscious Blueberry Flavor: Muhak Goodday Soju Blueberry boasts a luscious and authentic blueberry flavor that is sure to please your taste buds and leave you craving for more.
  • Smooth and Balanced: With an alcohol content of 13.5%, this soju strikes a perfect balance between smoothness and potency, making it an enjoyable drink for any occasion.
  • Versatile Enjoyment: Sip this delicious blueberry soju neat, on the rocks, or mix it into your favorite cocktails for a fruity twist to your classic drinks.
  • Ideal for Social Gatherings: Muhak Goodday Soju Blueberry is perfect for sharing with friends and loved ones, elevating the fun and enjoyment of any social gathering.
  • Premium Korean Soju: Made with premium ingredients, this soju represents the quality and tradition of Korean spirits, promising an authentic taste experience.
  • Eye-Catching Packaging: The stylish and sleek 360ml bottle is designed to stand out on the shelves and make a delightful addition to your home bar collection.
  • Perfect Gift: Muhak Goodday Soju Blueberry makes an excellent gift for soju enthusiasts and those who appreciate unique and flavorful spirits.

Muhak Goodday Soju Blueberry 360ml (Alc 13.5%) is a must-try for all soju and blueberry lovers alike. Whether you're savoring it solo or enjoying it with friends, this delightful flavored soju is sure to leave a lasting impression. Grab your bottle of Muhak Goodday Soju Blueberry now, available at La Mart Asian Supermarket, and embark on a journey of vibrant blueberry-infused enjoyment. Cheers to good times and great flavors!

牧客 Goodday 蓝莓烧酒 360毫升 (酒精含量 13.5%)

描述: 为您带来清新宜人的牧客 Goodday 蓝莓烧酒,现已推出方便的360毫升瓶装,酒精含量为13.5%。这款令人愉悦的果味烧酒将多汁蓝莓的魅力融入了经典的韩国烧酒,为您带来美妙而充满活力的饮酒体验。

  • 醇美蓝莓风味:牧客 Goodday 蓝莓烧酒拥有浓郁真实的蓝莓风味,必定让您的味蕾陶醉,让您无法抵挡再一次品尝的诱惑。
  • 顺滑平衡口感:13.5%的酒精含量,使得这款烧酒在顺滑和烈性之间找到了完美的平衡,成为适合任何场合享受的美味佳酿。
  • 多样饮法:可选择直接品尝这款美味的蓝莓烧酒,或者加冰片,甚至将其调制成您钟爱的鸡尾酒,为经典酒饮增添了水果风味的转折。
  • 社交聚会佳选:牧客 Goodday 蓝莓烧酒非常适合与亲朋好友一同分享,为社交聚会增色添彩,带来欢乐和愉悦的氛围。
  • 高品质的韩国烧酒:以优质原料制成,这款烧酒代表着韩国烈酒的传统和品质,为您带来正宗的口味体验。
  • 吸睛包装设计:时尚典雅的360毫升瓶装设计,使其在货架上脱颖而出,成为家中酒柜不可或缺的亮点。
  • 完美礼品选择:牧客 Goodday 蓝莓烧酒是烧酒爱好者和喜爱独特口味烈酒的人的绝佳礼品选择。

牧客 Goodday 蓝莓烧酒 360毫升 (酒精含量 13.5%) 是所有烧酒和蓝莓爱好者的必尝之选。无论您独自享受还是与朋友共同品味,这款美味的果味烧酒必将给您留下深刻的印象。立即在辣妈超市购买牧客 Goodday 蓝莓烧酒,开启一段充满活力的蓝莓烧酒之旅。干杯,愿时光美好,口感绝佳!

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