OZEKI One Cup Sake ALC 15.4% 180ml

OZEKI One Cup Sake ALC 15.4% 180ml

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OZEKI One Cup Sake ALC 15.4% 180ml

Description: Experience the authentic taste of OZEKI One Cup Sake, a carefully selected Japanese sake with an alcohol content of 15.4%. This 180ml single-serving cup brings you the true essence of Japanese sake enjoyment.


  • One Cup Sake: OZEKI One Cup Sake offers a convenient and easy way to enjoy Japanese sake with its perfectly measured 180ml portion, allowing you to savor the delightful taste of sake anytime, anywhere.
  • Rich Flavor Profile: This sake boasts a rich and well-balanced flavor, with a smooth texture and subtle notes of fruit and rice, providing you with an exceptional sake experience.
  • Individual Packaging: OZEKI One Cup Sake comes in individual cups, making it easy to carry and ideal for solo enjoyment or sharing with friends.

Indulge in the true essence of Japanese sake with OZEKI One Cup Sake. Grab this 180ml single-serving cup from La Mart Asian Supermarket and relish in the unique richness and delightful moments that only a cup of sake can offer. Whether you are a sake enthusiast or new to sake tasting, this One Cup Sake promises a memorable and enjoyable experience.

OZEKI 一杯清酒 酒精含量15.4% 180毫升

描述: 品尝OZEKI 一杯清酒,这款含有15.4%酒精的精选日本清酒。180毫升的酒杯为您带来纯正的清酒享受。


  • 一杯清酒:OZEKI 一杯清酒为您提供轻松便捷的清酒体验,适量的180毫升,方便您随时随地品尝日本清酒的美味。
  • 丰富口感:这款清酒拥有丰富的口感,醇厚而平衡,带有微妙的果香和米香,让您感受清酒独特的风味。
  • 独立包装:OZEKI 一杯清酒以独立包装设计,方便携带,适合独自品尝或与朋友一同分享。

体验OZEKI 一杯清酒带来的真正日本清酒风味。选购这款180毫升的清酒,从辣妈超市,享受一杯清酒带来的独特醇香和愉悦时光。不论您是清酒爱好者还是初次尝试清酒的人,这款一杯清酒都能为您带来难忘的美好时刻。

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Customer Review

Fantastic shop and love the fact they have put everything in English aswell. Much easier find the ingredients u need when trying new recipes the staff are also very friendly and helpful

Cardiff, UK

This Asian supermarket has an excellent selection of frozen, refrigerated and prepared dishes for Asian cuisines! The environment is super clean and comfortable to shop around!

Vicky Yu
London, UK

Great Asian Supermarket in the heart of Cardiff. Very convenient. It has a large selection of Asian foods ranging from seasoning to snacks, drinks, and many more! Highly recommend!

Luxi Yao
London, UK

A great new Asian Supermarket in Cardiff; I purchased some great foods there - Fresh, Frozen, Dried, herbs and spices. The customer service is great, and they are more than happy to go out of their way; I am an Ex Chef and Keen home cook, and I recommend this shop if you're looking for authentic ingredients like me

Richard Poppleton (Rpop)
London, UK
Genni Norridge
Cardiff, UK

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